Ambitious Danish Development

Sintex creates new possibilities using powder metallurgy

We are an ambitious Danish development and production company, with a track record of finding innovative solutions. We are experts at understanding our customers’ fields, and contributing to their innovation and sustainability agenda.
Our employees are dedicated specialists in their fields, who create valuable, innovative applications in close cooperation with our customers.

We work with powder metal applications such as: Sintered stainless steel, sintered stainless steel filters, MIM (Metal Injection Molding), metal spraying, permanent magnets, SMCs (soft magnetic composites) and permanent magnetic systems such as magnetic couplings and magnetic rotors.

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Sintex’ customers are represented in a wide range of different business areas and segments. A shared denominator of our customers is that they are looking for a long-term and development-oriented cooperation in order to remain at the forefront of new technologies and manufacturing processes within powder metals.


We supply stainless steel sintered- and magnetic solutions to the automotive industry. The high quality standards and our exceptional quality capabilities are highly valued in the automotive industry.

Sintex’ technologies are obvious choices for drive units (motors, clutches and small components) in cars, electro-motors and gear units, brake systems, heating ventilation and air-conditioning equipment (HVAC) and safety critical components. We have delivered optimized designs for components reducing weight, CO2-emissions, and use of scarce materials.

Read more about our collaboration concerning brake systems with a customer in the automotive industry here.

Motors & Pumps

Sintex’ magnet rotors and stators are optimized for efficiency, robustness and life-cycle economy. This applies to our patented rotor technology, our magnetic couplings and to the unique soft magnetic material, SMC.

Our powder metallurgy processes are also used for motors and pumps and makes it possible to produce geometrical complex components. Our focus on high corrosion resistance represents a good match for robustness requirements in motors and pumps, since the advanced technologies makes it possible to combine two or more components in a single component.

Sintex’ technologies are applied in areas such as high-efficiency motors, compact motors, high-efficiency submersible pumps, circulation pumps, industrial pumps, metering pumps, vacuum pumps, vane pumps etc.

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Sintex have customers in the medical segment, and are experienced in developing and producing solutions with the strict requirements in the industry. Our magnetic couplings are used in mixers where we are able to ensure a complete sealing between the drive and material being mixed. We have developed a high-end magnetizer suitable for clean-room production, and we are currently working on miniature magnetic couplings for implants.

Our technologies makes it possible to design and produce exceptionally complex instruments and components – with good corrosion properties. Powder metallurgical stainless steels are typically used for large volumes, but batch furnaces can also be used for small batches, as the technology is highly competitive.


Sintex have developed mechanical components and support systems for world-class loudspeaker manufacturers, setting new standards for sound quality.  We have the ability to design and manufacture systems with extreme low distortion using our knowledge of advanced materials combined with 3D-simulations.

Our components are in some of the best loudspeakers in the world.

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For our customers in the energy segment, we have recently managed to reduce dimensions in fasteners in very large assemblies with the use of our friction shims.

Our magnetic couplings are used in keeping support systems running in wind turbines with extreme reliability requirements.

We are taking part in several Power-to-X projects, where we have a leading role in changing the energy infrastructure.

We offer several powder metallurgical solutions within the energy segment, including magnetic couplings, braking systems, friction shims as well as wear- and corrosion-resistant parts.

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Food Industry

Sintex powder metals are often used for production and processing equipment. Our stainless sintered alloys are particularly corrosion-resistant and certified for use in drinking water in accordance with international directives.

We have components designed for robustness and with maintenance-free properties able to withstand harsh cleaning regimes often seen in the food industry.

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?