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High End magnets

High End magnets are often used in very sensitive measurement and laboratory equipment. The major difference between standard magnets and high end magnet is the high level of narrow specifications and documentations made on each magnet. 

In order to be able to deliver high end magnets Sintex have build up strong competencies within magnetic measurements and we are equipped with the following measurement instruments.

  • 3D Helmholz coil (small)
  • 3D Helmholz coil (big)
  • Hysteresisgraph
  • Gauss meter
  • Large magnetizer
  • Toroid measurements for BH curves
  • LCR meter

Based on this equipment we are able to provide our customers with certificates where the following data can be available:

  • Magnetic remanens
  • Magnetic direction / angle displacement
  • Magnetic field as function of distance
  • Geometrical dimensions
  • Coatings measurements
  • Corrosions test results
  • Temperature stability

Sintex has been a strong supplier of high end magnets for particle accelerators for many years covering both undulators and beam control magnets. Please feel free to contact us to learn more or take a closer look at the case below describing our activities in the Green Magnet project transferring particle accelerator magnets from electro magnets into permanent magnets saving large amounts of energy and cooling water.


Case studies

  • High End magnets

    Development of High End magnets

    Together with our customer Danfysik we have developed two versions of magnets for particle accelerators.

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