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Wear and Corrosion Resistant Bearing Systems

Designing bearing systems optimized towards low wear rates, -friction, -losses, no electric erosion, and no maintenance can be a challenge.

At Sintex, we have been developing and producing both sliding bearing systems as well as trust bearings for many years based. Both systems are on a corrosion resistant hard metal coating that can be supplied directly on the substrate of a rotor shaft or the trust bearing container.

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  • High performance Bearing Systems

    We are committed in delivering solutions for your bearing system to have high levels of resistance and durability. Further, we provide economy to systems with the highest performance.

  • Shaft Bearing

    Sintex has developed a differentiated product within the field of bearing systems, namely the shaft bearing. A shaft bearing is a part that must be coupled to the bearing which rotates where the bearing guarantees stability during rotations. 

    Sintex shaft coatings are very versatile as they can be used as bearings against many different materials and many different lubricating medias.

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel

    Our shaft bearing is mainly made of austenitic stainless steel which ensures the advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and cost-effectiveness. However, in order to differentiate and increase the capabilities of our shaft bearing, our shaft bearing also has small layers of hardmetal which guarantee higher levels of resistance to corrosion and hardness.

    Stainless steel bearings are in low viscosity medias limited to be used against soft materials as carbon-graphite and polymers.

  • Hardmetal Coating

    Seeking to further increase the attributes of corrosion resistance, reduce periodic maintenance and bringing savings over time to our customers, we have developed our shaft bearings with small layers of hardmetal. Thus, increasing operating capabilities at a competitive cost.

  • Thrust Bearings

    We work with thrust bearings in our systems, made of stainless steel and with the application of a hardmetal layer. This ensures high resistance to corrosion, long service life, low level of friction and high economy due to the lack of necessary maintenance to your bearing system.

  • Long service life

    Get at least 10 years higher service life

    By opting for a product with a long service life, greater stability and lower replacement costs are guaranteed for the operation of the pump, motor or any other system that uses bearing systems. Our solution is similar to ceramic bearing shafts in terms of durability, which can reach up to 10 years of service life compared to a bearing shaft made of stainless steel. Although, our bearing shafts does not have the risk of breakage or cracking due to fragility of a ceramic material.

  • Low friction

    Increased safety and load capacity

    Our solution has a very low coefficient of friction (number shown is for dry conditions) and a higher level of thermal conductivity. Due to the low coefficient of friction in a dry environment, it has the ability to withstand longer in emergency dry conditions compared to alternative materials. This provides more security in the event of a dry failure in the system. Furthermore, it has greater capacity to support load, due to its thermal conduction capacity, making its bearing system highly efficient.

  • Maintenance

    Install and Forget

    The low need for maintenance becomes important to reduce the costs of specialized labor to correct possible failures, in addition to not having to interrupt frequently the operation in order to repair. At Sintex, we work with the “install and forget” concept meaning that after installation, our customers have no worries about our products. With a high level of wear and impact resistance, our solution stands out from the rest with an incredible ability to be maintenance-free. 

  • Costs of operation

    Cheaper over the time

    The initial cost is given by the selling price, although it does not exactly mean to be the cheapest product for the customer in the end. Cheaper alternatives often means a low useful life and high need for repairs, hence higher costs in the long term. To deliver all the differentials of the product we work with, our initial cost is reasonably higher than stainless steel solutions, but lower than ceramic ones. However, due to the high durability of this product, with an average of twice the useful life, this cost is easily paid over time and ultimately becomes the cheapest solution.

  • Extended capabilities

    Get the capability of different materials in one product

    In a market that is highly price-oriented, having extra capabilities becomes a differentiator to be able to attract customers who are not only looking for price. We work with the best in terms of stainless steel shafts and hard metal shafts market solutions. Although, mitigating their disadvantages by being a mix between the two and having the “install and forget” concept to provide greater security, this results in us being able to provide practicality and lower costs to our partners.

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    With all the characteristics presented on the Sintex bearing shaft, we guarantee highest performance for your bearing system and providing greater convenience with the very low need for maintenance or replacement work due to our install and forget concept.

    • Helge Grann
      Chief Specialist, Grundfos

      “Thanks to the high reliability of the bearings based on shafts from Sintex, Grundfos differentiates from competitors by having products that in many applications  are performing well in 30 – 50 years without any maintenance.”

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      • HVOF Thermal Spraying WC73Cr20Ni7

        At Sintex a/s we produce a range of thermal spray coatings for the surface treatment of components, where there are very high requirements in terms of wear and corrosion resistance.

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