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Permanent Magnet Rotors

Ambitious Danish Development

Sintex creates new possibilities using powder metallurgy

At Sintex A/S we have experts in the production of maintenance-free permanent magnetic rotors – both dry runners and wet runners. Over the years we have developed our own patented solutions.

Complete system with housing

We provide complete rotor systems consisting of a shaft, core, magnet ring and rotor housing. Each subcomponent is optimized through innovation and close cooperation with the customer.

One of our areas of expertise is solutions for wet runners – i.e. rotors surrounded by water or other liquids. The magnetic rotor is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel housing. This prevents corrosion and the rotor can run directly as a wet runner in various liquids as well as in aggressive environments.


Magnetic rotors from Sintex a/s are highly efficient high-quality rotors. The advantages of choosing Sintex® magnetic rotors are as follows:

  • Patented solutions
  • Complete solutions
  • 100% sealed enclosure – can run as wet runner
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • High efficiency / low energy loss
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long service life
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Optional number of pole pairs
  • Cost-effective

The optional number of pole pairs can also be determined after the rotors have been manufactured, and the rotors are also available in a non-magnetized state in order to make them easier to handle during transport and installation.

Magnetic rotor for energy-efficient motor

Sintex a/s has designed and developed a low-energy motor in cooperation with a customer. The aim of this project was to create a motor that led to savings not only in terms of materials and space due to its design, but also in terms of energy in order to make the overall solution more environmentally friendly.

The solution from Sintex a/s features a specially developed magnetic rotor, which design to run in liquid is unique, and the motor was the first of its kind with a magnetic rotor to be put into mass production.

Example of design

An example of the basic components of a rotor can be
found below:

  • Shaft in stainless steel – available with or without a through-going hole.
  • Sliding bearing in tungsten carbide – sprayed on as a coating. The hard alloy on the bearing ensures high wear resistance and a very long service life for the shaft.
  • Core in soft magnetic material, ordinary solid iron or laminated iron.
  • Magnetic rings or segments in several different types of material – isotropic or anisotropic.
  • Optional rotor housing in stainless steel for hermetic enclosure of magnets and soft magnetic materials – used, for example, for wet buried or surface mounted magnets.


Sintex’ innovation department provides consultancy
services in connection with product development.

We are very interested in open cooperation in order to optimize the product, material know-how, processes and production, thus enabling our customers to lead the way within
new technologies and manufacturing processes in their core business areas.

We are able to offer:

  • Patentable ideas for concepts, design and manufacturing methods.
  • Magnetic calculations with professional motor design software SPEED, advanced finite element program Comsol and other programs developed in-house.
  • Advanced, creative prototype production.
  • Magnetization of prototype rotors.
  • Measurement of various physical dimensions and magnetic properties.
  • Salt spray chamber for test of corrosion properties.

Processes & Competencies

At Sintex we possess many competencies and have also gotten several achievements throughout the years, for instance:

  • We have many new innovations for motor and rotor concepts, and patented solutions for magnetic materials and production methods.
  • We can calculate the complete performance of brushless DC Motors, using several different simulation tools. I.e.:
    • Fast analytical optimization toll build in Matlab
    • Professional analytical motor simulation program SPEED
    • Finite elemente analysis of magnetic, electric, thermal, and mechanical systems in 2D, 3D, and transient models using Comsol Multiphysics
  • We do fast prototyping and have our own magnetizing equipment and make permanent magnet magnetizers
  • We supply all available magnet types i.e., NdFeB, SmCo, SrFeO both sintered, bonded, and injection moulded with coatings or full encapsulations
  • We are capable of delivering complete rotors for brushless DC motors, with several existing products running in production
  • We have calibrated magnetic equipment, like Helmholtz coils with fluxmeters, gaussmeters with probes and 3D rotating bench, hysteresisgraph, AC measurement equipment for Soft Magnetic materials and much more

Therefore, in short: we are ready to help our customers in several ways from initial idea stages to full-scale production.


Our expertise is based on many years of experience and development cooperation with customers within, for example, the pump industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, the biotech industry and the food industry.

Sintex® Magnetic rotors can be used as:

  • Pumps – high-efficiency submersible pumps, circulation pumps, household pumps, wastewater pumps, industrial pumps, metering pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.
  • Standard motors with high efficiency
  • Compact, high-performance and high-speed applications

Further information

For further information, please contact the sales department. We will be happy to help with design, development and material selection so that the final product is fully optimized in terms of both price and performance.