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About Sintex

Our history

Sintex A/S emerges from the world’s leading pump manufacturer, Grundfos A/S. Sintex was founded in 1997 when a group of pioneers from Grundfos saw great potential in expanding the sales of the materials and processes that were originally developed for Grundfos. Since 1997, Sintex has been an independent company, and during the 25 years of existence our consistent growth has now developed us from being a small company with six employees to now being a medium-sized, high-tech production company with 170 employees.

Watch the video below of our CEO, Thomas Sørensen, explaining the way we work with open innovation and in close collaboration with our customers.

We develop components for the whole world

Sintering technology is our specialty. We manufacture and supply magnetic systems and powder metal components to various industries across the world – Germany, China, and Mexico among others. We have high standards in our production facilities and always ambitions of improving our products. With our scandinavian mindset and feet planted firmly on the ground, we aim for setting new standards, and build our business on honesty, trust and cooperation through a partnership approach.

”It has Sintex inside”

Sintex designs and produces components in stainless steel of particularly high complexity. And our components are often small and invisible in everyday life. It is, for instance, the very corrosion-resistant and hardened shafts in the pumps that ensure us clean drinking water. It is the small magnet under the skin that holds hearing aid implants in the right place or the vacuum pump in the electric car that provides power to the brakes. It is the magnetic system that drives electric motors, and it is friction shims that holds windturbines together. We normally say: You won’t notice us, unless we’re not there.

We have Grundfos behind us

Sintex is a company in the Grundfos Group and therefore our foundation has both strong values, strong financials and an innovative mindset. Through our more than 20.000 colleagues in the Grundfos Group, we have access to worldwide ressources that a company of our size would not normally have. That means we are able to utilize the global expertise and scale of for example the group purchase, IS and quality departments. As an employee in Sintex you get the oppertunity to work with colleagues from a large multinational. As a customer you have access to the best of both worlds; An innovative and agile development partner with access to the scale of a multinational. 

Expertly crafted to fit your needs

The Sintex Way

At Sintex, we have an unique way of working together with our customers. Below is shown a visualization of the “CDPP” process in which we provide value.

CDPP Process