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Collaboration with students

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In the work with students

Much of the latest knowledge and development is found at universities. That is why we continuously collaborate with students who, with their knowledge, competencies, and method awareness, can contribute to the development of Sintex. We give the students an insight into everyday life at Sintex and the industry we are operating in and in return we get access to new ideas and inspiration.  

We have often worked with students from Aalborg University, who have contributed among other things in developing a new stainless alloy, developing this website etc. At the moment we have a close collaboration with a Ph.D. student from the Technical University of Denmark, who works on developing a new groundbreaking powder technology. We also work with business school students in our marketing and business development and they help us come up with new solutions and ideas in our branding and external communication. 

If you want to know more about Sintex and the possibility of a collaboration or internship, you are very welcome to contact us at info@sintex.com.