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Technical papers

Technical publications by Sintex authors

As part of our ongoing development we write technical papers which are being published in several journals/publications. Below we listed an overview of our publications written by authors from Sintex as well as other relevant readings.
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Presentations given at seminars and conferences (mostly in Danish)

Other interesting articles and publications

  • 1. Winner of Science TOP-5 in Denmark

    2019. Ingeniøren

    In danish

  • 2. Sustainable production of hydrogen for Sintex

    2010. Energy Supply

    Keywords: Sustainability, green supply

    In danish

  • 3. Pling-lyd afslører skjulte revner i sintrede metalemner

    2012. Ingeniøren

    Keywords: Quality, QA, powder metal

    In danish

  • 4. Overset produktionsmetode forvandler metal til plast

    2014. Ingeniøren

    Keywords: Metal Injection molding

    In danish

  • 5. Gearing the future – Reluctance Magnetic Gear

    Alexandru Sorea, 2016. Create the future competition

    Keywords: Magnetic gear

    Our magnetic gear is an innovative solution designed to transmit power in challenging applications. It is based on a unique design, which offers a robust and efficient gear.