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Culture and values

Our culture and values

When we ask our employees why they enjoy working at Sintex, the answer is clear: because we are good colleagues for each other. Our way of working, the cooperation and the informal tone affects the culture at Sintex and enables the flat structure we have today, where our experts work side by side with the shopfloor teams in developing and maturing new ideas. A normal day at Sintex is therefore characterized by the combination of deep knowledge and expertise with practical application in a constant search for what makes us better. In fact, the innovative mindset has become a very fundamental part of the culture at Sintex.

The Sintex way

The good ideas can appear from anywhere. That is why all employees at Sintex are equally important, and it is only when we share our good ideas and collaborate across the organization the groundbreaking solutions occurs. We call it “The Sintex Way”.

Our values

Sintex is a value-driven company committed to our six principle values; values that govern every action we make. We feel an enormous responsibility for our employees and towards our customers and partners. That is why we have a specific code for how we are good colleagues and partners at Sintex. The foundation of our values are based on:


We take action in making the world a good place for everyone. We develop and produce our products with ambitions of a green transition and of running the business in an increasingly sustainable way. Likewise do our customers have the same goals as us – to produce greener and better.


We place great emphasis on cooperations and good relations. That is why we communicate openly and honestly with our colleagues and to the world around us. By being open and honest, we create the trust we want in each other and our customers.


Humans is our greatest resource. Without our employees, Sintex could not exist. Therefore, we every day strive at focusing on you and me and to give our employees the opportunities and framework that is needed for the individual to thrive. We choose to believe in the potential of people and in the good intentions, and therefore everyone must have a voice in Sintex. We know that advanced technology and good products are not enough in themselves to be successful.


We are part of the Grundfos Group, but we stand on our own feet as an independent joint stock company. Therefore, we have our own economy, our own development and production departments and our own goals and opinions. And we believe that running a business requires both abilities and ambitions and a strong human intuition.


We create value together with our customers and suppliers. It is in the close partnership, where expectations, competencies and quality goes up in a higher unit, that both we and the customer create value together and separately.


In an industry like ours, it is crucial that we are ambitious. That we think innovatively and dare to undertake investments in new opportunities. That is why we are looking for collaborations and relationships that can challenge what we are doing today.

As a continuously growing company, we have a responsibility not only for ourselves and our customers, but also for the world around us. For us, internal social responsibility is about providing opportunities for those who need it most and about hiring according to qualifications and personal qualities rather than age or experience. Read more on our social responsibility here.