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Sintex Friction Shims

High Torque applications

Large mechanical constructions are often assembled with many bolts that are tightened with very high forces in order to avoid slippage. This can cause breakdown due to the fatigue of the tightened bolts and can increase repair costs and downtime. Within the world of mechanical construction, many machines must transfer the torque from one shaft to another. With electrification and down-sizing, the demand for higher torque density is increasing.

The use of friction shims with high roughness and very high hardness can increase the friction coefficient in the assembly zone, but difficulties in measuring the friction in real applications, combined with a high price, has been an obstacle for many applications.

Sintex Friction Shims

Friction Shims ensure that mating surfaces are properly tightened, and removes the risk of the bolts or tightening mechanism loosening due to vibrations or shocks.

A well-known application for friction plates can be found in the marine industry, where the coupling between the crankshaft and the propeller shaft is secured with thermal-coated friction plates. However, Sintex also supplies Friction Shims to other large industries where a potential to reduce weight is of great importance. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Sintex Friction Shims.

We are often asked if the hard metal particles fall off when the mechanical loads are high. Therefore, we made a video to showcase the strength and flexibility of the Sintex Friction Shims.

At Sintex, we have developed a new generation of Friction Shims based on hard metal particles that can penetrate the surface of the bolted flanges and thus ensure that they are mechanically locked with a friction that is at least 3 times higher. This is demonstrated in the video we have made on a simple construction in order to prove the solution.

Ambitious Danish Development

Why should you choose Friction Shims from Sintex?

  • Flexible and cost-effective coating
  • Surface with a hardness around 1000 HV 0,3
  • Particle hardness of up to 2600 HV
  • Unique surface – with an innovative grip technology
  • Reduced number and size of bolts
  • Three times higher friction coefficient
  • Increased performance
  • Higher torque transfer
  • Reduced risk of slippage
  • Increased margin of safety
  • Avoid fatigue breakeage of bolts
  • Reduced construction weight

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