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Metal Powder Extrusion

Complex, thin-walled steel components can be very difficult, or even impossible, to produce in larger volumes at a fair cost. Many machine designers turn to 3D printing as an alternative, but at Sintex, we have developed a new manufacturing process called Metal Powder Extrusion. This process allows us to manufacture products in larger volumes in very complex shapes, with walls less than 0.4 mm in width and more than 30 cm in length.

At Sintex, we are currently running a pilot production plant, where we are developing the technology further. We are investigating what designs and alloys are possible to produce.

Applications cover a wide spectrum, from dense heat exchangers to next generation crash absorbers. On the latter, we have established an industrial Ph.D. project in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and an industry leader within transport safety. In this project, we aim to develop the next generation of crash management systems by combining the capabilities of metal powder extrusion with advanced performing steels, known as TWIP alloys.

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Metal Powder Extrusion

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