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Encapsulated neodymium

High End IP-magnets for corrosive applications

Magnets are used in many applications today and are also entering applications where the environment is very corrosive. Here it is often seen that even the best coatings cannot protect the magnets and degradation is initiated within the first years of lifetime. In these cases the only solution is a fully encapsulation in stainless steel in order to ensure long lifetime for high-end products.

Furthermore isotropic NdFeB magnets are typically manufactured by admixing epoxy with magnet powder which can be hazardous to the working environment during manufacturing but it also makes recycling very difficult because the cured epoxy cannot be removed from the magnet material afterwards. Furthermore these magnets are not giving their fully potential as around 10% of the magnet volume is magnetic inactive epoxy.

At Sintex we have developed and patented an encapsulated NdFeB magnet for applications where corrosion is a problem for standard magnets. We call this magnet the IP-magnet.

The advantages of this magnet are:

  • Fully encapsulated in stainless steel securing a very high corrosion resistance
  • High magnetic remanence due to no epoxy taking up space
  • Healthy working environment during production of the magnets – epoxy free
  • Recyclable in both minor and major loops
  • Manufactured in Europe

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  • IP Magnets

    The IP magnet is an encapsulated magnet type. It is unique and innovative and a highly corrosion resistant system in a 100% sealed enclosure, so that exposure to chemicals, water and gasses is an option.

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