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Knowledge sharing

At Sintex, we often attend conferences, distribute technical papers and engage in different communities such as EPMA and UK Magnetic Society.

In November we are attending the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo 2022 with our SMC and Friction Shims. 1st November we will attend the seminar and summit at duplex world with our PM and MIM duplex.

Besides, we continuously conduct and hosts webinars to provide both our existing and potential partners with insights into our newest knowledge and capabilities. In this means, we gladly receive any suggestions there is of interest in regards to topics or relevant issues for our future webinars.

As of now, we have planned a webinar on magnetic couplings in September 2022.

Feel free to provide us with further details below in the matter of a topic you may want us to host a webinar on.

Latest news

Our Development Department conducts development projects both in-house and for our partners, from selecting materials, through offering designs and processes.

We have our own production facility in Denmark, in which our production is closely tied to development. The Development Department benefits from this setup, and our development processes are designed to pave the way from idea to production. In other words, we ensure that our ideas can be developed and produced.

Besides developing ideas as well as actual prototypes for projects, the Development Department is also involved in patent investigations, patent applications, calculations, simulations, testing and measurements on high-tech equipment, not least in the enhancement of our own materials and processes.

Our Development Department guarantees that we renew ourselves continuously. Thereby we ensure that our partners are always at the forefront of new technologies and manufacturing processes in their core business areas.