We’re changing the world.

Our strategy

The strategy behind Sintex

We have laid out a clear strategy towards 2025. We are working purposefully to contribute to the green transition, and we are helping our customers in doing the same. With the goal of a cleaner and more sustainable world, we develop more efficient products and technologies. We develop our manufacturing processes, so we achieve a higher performance with the use of fewer materials and less energy.

We focus on recycling materials, on developing the material quality, extending the life of the components significantly, and on optimizing and improving our systems and processes for more efficient and energy-saving solutions. We ask ourselves: How can we work smarter with technology, culture, and the environment today, without a negative impact tomorrow?

We are part of an competitive industry where high quality, good customer service and focus on customer needs are essential. That is why we at Sintex work towards one simple goal: We want to be the industry leader. This applies both when we need to attract new colleagues, when we develop our processes and when we collaborate with new and existing customers.

The partnership

Relationships with our customers and suppliers around the world are important to us. At Sintex we take a partnership approach because we know we can create the greatest value when we enter close and trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We want to be our customers preferred technology partner, and we seek the customer relationships where partnership and cooperation are in focus. We are at our very best when we collaborate with our customer from the early idea phase all the way through engineering, prototyping into production and commercialization. Our specialists challenge and test technologies, materials and processes, and it is our professional curiosity that drives us.