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Sintered Components in Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel with Complex Geometries by Powder Metallurgy

Complex geometries in stainless steel alloys can be produced in many ways, however, components often need to be post processed to reach the required tolerances for your application. This often increases material waste and production costs, and results in a poor LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) score as well.

To avoid this, powder metallurgical processes can be used in cases where material yield is typically above 97% to ensure a strong LCA.

However, the porosity of powder metal components compromises the corrosion resistance.

Like conventional materials, sintered components can be given finishing treatment, but the sintering technology often removes the need for time-consuming machining. Furthermore, the technology can reduce the number of subcomponents in the final solution by replacing multiple subcomponents with a single component and using a single production process. As a result, the components are technically homogeneous with better design, and the increased material and energy savings reduce impact on the environment.

At Sintex, we specialize in developing and producing high quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel components with powder metal routes to provide our customers with the best combination of complex geometries, corrosion properties, mechanical properties, environmental impact, and price.

We are proud to assist our customers in their development phase with the best choice of manufacturing processes and alloy systems to optimize component design. Together with our customers, we strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Reducing component weight
  • Reducing energy and material consumption to ensure a strong LCA
  • Combining several components into one part to reduce the need for assembly
  • Introducing poka-yoke
  • Developing customer-specific powder metallurgy solutions
  • Creating a one-stopshop for complex stainless steel components


Sintering experts at Sintex a/s can provide you with advice on the choice of the right material for your needs. We are able to offer a range of different materials in austenitic, ferritic and duplex alloys. The physical, mechanical and corrosion properties for the different stainless qualities can be seen in our technical datasheets for each material concerned. Please go to the desired product offering to view technical datasheets, or contact us for more information.

At Sintex a/s, we specialize in utilizing the advantages of sintering for your benefit! For one of our customers, this resulted in reducing both the time and the material cost of conveyor driver production to a third of what it was previously. The conveyor drivers were originally fabricated in sheet metal, which the sintering process has simplified in the final product solution.

Quality and quality products are – along with innovation – a natural area of focus at Sintex a/s. We take quality very seriously and are extremely professional with regard to quality initiatives in every area of Sintex a/s. Quality management is a cross-organisational discipline involving all employees in order to enable us to constantly strive to meet applicable international standards. We ensure incoming goods inspection of the powder material prior to production; we perform everything ranging from spot tests to 100% fully automatic visual inspection; and we carry out quality checks of material properties as a matter of course. Applications Stainless steel sintered components can provide significant benefits within a number of sectors of industry. The components’ impermeability and corrosion resistance, for instance, enable them to be used in the pharmaceutical, food, automobile and pump industries. The applications are endless, e.g.:

• Pump and motor parts

• Machinery components

• Bearings, couplings and gear wheels

• Fittings, brackets and handles

• Valves and nozzles

• Special nuts and bolts

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