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Standard Programme

Classical magnetic couplings are made with either neodymium magnets, samarium-cobalt magnets or a combination of the two – but with no adhesive. These solutions eliminate assembly and recycling challenges, thereby making the process easier to automate and reducing the costs during high volume production.

Most Sintex couplings are customer-specific, but we also have some standardized solutions available.

Sintex offers two coupling types, the standard type with the magnets exposed, and the premium type with the magnets fully enclosed in stainless steel to ensure functionality in any environment. Both types are available in different sizes.

See figure below: Standard(left) vs premium(right) versions of the Sintex standard coupling program


Case studies

  • Standard programme

    Magnetic couplings

    Changing from a dynamic to a static seal or no seal at all. What is a magnetic coupling?

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    • Magnetic Couplings

      Sintex a/s specialises in magnetic couplings that offer a number of advantages – compared to mechanical solutions, as well as other magnetic couplings.

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